In service of the story.


Gilgamesh has pursued his passion of storytelling in writing, drawing, songwriting, theater, singing, and performance art, taking what he learned to Cleveland, OH, he applied his knowledge and experience with private mentoring and teaching theater classes and camps.

In 2014 he was fortunate enough to catch the attention of Broadway Legend Martin Charnin, the director, lyricist and creator of the musical ANNIE who cast him as Oliver Warbucks in the 2014 Broadway National Tour, a project that eventually went international, traveling to 4 countries, performing in more than 200 cities across 48 US states for a grand total of 745 performances, ending in May of 2017.


“Art is the lie

that shows us

what the truth is.”

- pablo picasso


A lot has happened since then. He got married, did some Shakespeare in the Park in beautiful Sharon Springs, NY with Brimstone Creek Productions, was an actor in Keith Levinson’s re-imagining of CHESS in White Plains, NY, returned to the road with the 1st National Tour of Amazing Grace then came back to Cleveland Ohio to portray the titular character in SHREK THE MUSICAL.

"When I was younger I used to joke and say we (actors) were professional liars, but that was my 'youth' speaking… you know… trying to be clever. The best acting… the best art… the best storytelling… is always based in truth.  Being in service to the story you’re a part of something greater than yourself. And there is so much to learn. Theater is like life… it’s not a destination… it’s a journey.”



5' 11"

200 lbs

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